I was 21 years of age, doing the dishes, listening to “I can’t fight this feeling” by R.E.O. Speedwagon, when I thought: Hey, I can do this too !.
I grabbed a pen and I wrote my first words on paper, letting my musical imagination go where it wanted to.
At the time I was working at a steel company, studying law school in the evening hours.
After I had finished school I got my first second hand synthesizer: a Roland D-20.
I learned basic scales and chords and signed up for piano lessons.

It was May 1991 I think, when I explained to my piano teacher I wanted to learn to arrange on the piano and compose my own songs. Of course he thought that I was crazy, and after a few piano lessons playing Frère Jacques, he thought it might be better to attend keyboard lessons.

Frank Tellings was the keyboard teacher at the Streekmuziekschool in Weert at the time. I recorded “Will you be the one?”, using Roland’s D-20 8-track sequencer, a simple Altec mic and a JB Systems mixer, recording the “master” in one take on TDK cassette tape. Frank Tellings introduced me to the Jazz Realbooks and Cubase on an Atari computer. I still thank him for that !

To cut the story short….I quit the keyboard lessons soon, hating to read music and to do music exams, but I still use Cubase and a computer to try to record a handful of songs out of the 1001 musical ideas I still have in mind or on paper somewhere…..