Artikelen door Comping Harry

(28-03-2019) Robot for Christmas on YouTube and in eStores (April 5th) Songwhip is a quick link to several stores and players… I want to move on to the next song…so I want to finish the promotional work on YouTube and my Homepage…If you like the song, please support Comping Harry and BUY the song via e-Stores (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon etc…) or DONATE.

(23-03-2019) Première New Song April 5

The new Comping Harry song will be available in most e-Stores April 5 2019. For those who cannot wait…iTunes will be the first store to publish already in a few days…The YouTube video will be published April 5….

(28-02-2019) Christmas Song after horror year…

21 august 2018, the beginning of my summer vacation, at the age of 52 I got struck by 3 TIA’s and two days later the doctor told me my carotid artery was blocked for 90%. At the same time my employer Alpro B.V. was facing a business bankruptcy due to extremely bad management. If you […]

(24-2-2019) CPD Count Per Day

To get an impression of how populair the Comping Harry homepage still is I’m gonna try this personal daily counter…should have done this a long time ago !

(01-04-2017) Greed is destroying the World – by Comping Harry

After struggling some while with this song and the computer, the NEW song GREED is out!  Exept for the voice of Comping Harry himself, there are no other real voices to be heard on this recording. The computer took care of the lady voice and the robotic voice singing the chorus ! Hopefully I can finish […]