Artikelen door Comping Harry

(02-04-2020) Thing For You (Karaoke version by Comping Harry)

“Thing For You” is the new Comping Harry song. Vocals still have to be recorded, but experimenting with the free Dorico SE notation software I published a “Sing it yourself” version. Enjoy and do your best to sing it ! The original recording was made with Roland SC-88 SoundCanvas and Atari Mega ST. The new […]

(28-05-2020) Robot for Christmas taken down for now…

Somebody (YouTube?) tried to claim rights for my Christmas song. The video has been removed until there is a new video for 2020 ! I will make sure there is no doubt about who’s song this is and who’s material is used in the video…The song is still available at Soundcloud.

(01-04-2017) Greed is destroying the World – by Comping Harry

After struggling some while with this song and the computer, the NEW song GREED is out!  Exept for the voice of Comping Harry himself, there are no other real voices to be heard on this recording. The computer took care of the lady voice and the robotic voice singing the chorus ! Hopefully I can finish […]

(24-04-2016) “In My Room” CLICK TO READ MORE ABOUT…

“In my room”, the new song composed, performed, arranged and produced by Comping Harry is released in many digital stores april/may 2016. On iTunes it will be available immediatley, but it can take until half of may until it is available in every store mentioned below. Using only Virtual Studio Technology and his voice a […]