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In my case there are more ways to write a song.
I can think of what I want to say. Sometimes it’s just one word or a sentence that triggers my musical imagination.

Just say what you want to say and try variations of words and sentences in rhyme. You can also search for a slogan or saying.
Just sounds can trigger my imagination. Normally the character of a sound determines how you play it…soft, agressive, happy, sad….I believe that the range of my voice and my way of talking and singing determines the way my melody evolves…

Cubase on Atari Mega STE

Cubase on Atari Mega STE

Computer based Recording

For me it began with the Atari ST,with 4 MB of RAM and a 20 MB external harddisk .
I used Cubase Score 3.0 on this one.
Later I had to choose between Mac and PC.

I decided on Windows because I thought there were more users for this platform. I prefer Asus motherboards with Intel processors…

Steinberg Cubase

Steinberg Cubase


Cubase has always been my choice.  I started out with Cubase Score 2.0 on the Atari Mega STe. Then I decided it was time to buy a PC and Cubase for the Windows platform. Some have tried to change my mind to use other sequencers like Protools, Logic, Cakewalk and so on, but I stuck with Cubase…Luckily they were the inventors of the VST platform ;o)

Hier kun je tekst typen

Virtual Studio Technology

VST (Virtual Studio Technology)

In my case the most used virtual effects used for mixing and mastering come from Universal Audio, TC Electronic Powercore and Steinberg. Another big player on the market is Waves. There are also many manufacturers of VST instruments. Almost any thinkable instrument on the planet is or will be captured in some version of a virtual instrument, using various techniques to reproduce the sound….

Controllers of Steinberg, Novation, Akai, Eowave and TEControl...

Controllers of Steinberg, Novation, Akai, Eowave and TEControl…


If you record with virtual instruments and effects, using good controllers can make things easier and bring more life to computer recordings.The main controller will most likely be your keyboard controller with modulation wheel, pitchbend, joystick, XY-pad, ribboncontroller, knobs, sliders, buttons, a sustain pedal and effect/volumepedal. You can also think of a drumpad, a breathcontroller, midi guitars and so on…

Steinberg MR816x---TC Powercore X8---Audient Sumo

Steinberg MR816x—TC Powercore X8—Audient Sumo


Despite the fact that a computer can take over many functions of standalone hardware, you will still need things, like a microphone, a mic preamp, a soundcard, headphones, monitorspeakers…maybe a summing mixer for true analog sound.
And let’s not forget the Controllers ! Mostly it’s about getting sound in and out of your computer…,

Internal Mixing by Friedemann Tischmeyer

Internal Mixing by Friedemann Tischmeyer

“In the box” mixing…

When you come to realize that you will never be able to afford expensive top end hardware like a mixingconsole, eq’s, compressors and fx gear of wellknown or famous manufacturers, virtual equivalents can do a great job too. Friedemann Tischmeyer tells you how to make a great sounding mix at respectively low cost.

Music Magazine

Music Magazine “Interface”, formerly known as “Midi Bulletin”


I was looking for a music magazine about electronic music and “Midi & Recording” was the first magazine to fill my hunger for knowledge.Later on I discovered “Midi Bulletin” which became “Interface”. You can learn a great deal about electronic instruments and making electronic music just be reading this magazine…